Dealer Benefits

Our comprehensive menu program will simplify the service write-up process. MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ will help advisors efficiently communicate scheduled maintenance services by reinforcing both dealership and factory recommended maintenance schedule services.

Menu-on-Demand™ standardizes the up-sale process. The program guides service advisors through tiered platforms designed to optimize service opportunities.

MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ gives customers a professional overview of their vehicles maintenance requirements in a layout easy to understand. We will create your very own customized, consumer-driven menu enabling an ultimate experience for the customers. Presentable from any device, MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ is a proven tool to help increase gross profit, customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Innovative Solution Providing a Consistent Service Drive Process

Menus are easy to navigate. Gives your service advisors the confidence to sell the right service, while building customer trust and loyalty.

  • 1

    Our menus are designed to work as an interactive sales tool.

  • 2

    Great training tool for inexperienced service advisers.

  • 3

    Eliminates the need for large stock of expensive color menus.

  • 4

    Present manufactures minimum recommended maintenance schedules.

  • 5

    Proven to increase dealers CSI by accurate price quoting.

  • 6

    Ability to offer a customized single, two or three tier menu program.

  • 7

    Provide printed confirmation to customers of maintenance he or she purchased.

  • 8

    Reporting suite monitors service advisers sales production.

  • 9

    Effectively analyze gross profit and target effective labor rate.