Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware?

No, Menu-on-Demand™ is a web (internet) based application

How is Menu-on-Demand™ installed?

Our application (URL) is added to your advisors internet browser as a favorite.

What are the requirements for my PC’s / Tablets / Smart Phones?

Window based products Windows XP or higher. Apple products perform best with OS 9 and above. Smart phones must run current android or IOS mobile technology

How often is Menu-on-Demand™ updated?

Our menu program can be updated as often as needed upon the request of the Dealer.

How long do updates usually take?

Minor updates are applied within the hour and major updates typically take 24-48 hours to be applied.

Can Menu-on-Demand™ be networked?

Because Menu-on-Demand™ is a web based application, anyone with a computer and internet access can utilize the tool.

Will Menu-on-Demand™ integrate with my Dealer Management System?

The light version of our application does not integrate with a Dealer Management System. However, our advanced version, WRITE has the capability of integrating with a Dealer Management System. For more information on WRITE please visit