MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ is an innovative on-line maintenance schedule menu solution. With MOC® Menu-on-Demand™, you can offer your customers a dealer brand menu presentation that delivers high-quality service-drive, vehicle maintenance schedule information—in minutes! An advance web-based application operating on a high performance system for fast and easy interaction on-line. It is backed by a team of highly qualified Automotive and Information Technology (I.T.) professionals.


Technology Overview

MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ is an automotive database program that is powered by strategic, innovative marketing technologies.


Here is What We Offer

  • A web-based application that includes core service tools.
  • A professionally designed system to help automotive dealerships effectively write-up customers.
  • A platform for Service Writers to accurately present factory schedule maintenance.


Simple Sign-Up Process

  • 1

    Collect back-counter service data

  • 2

    Establish manufacturer menus base

  • 3

    Customize up sellable items

  • 4

    Create specific menu packages

  • 5

    Review menus and labor op-codes

  • 6

    Deliver product/website to customer

Core Features

  • Advisor Reporting


  • VIN Decoder


  • Multi-Point Inspection

  • Accepted and Decline

  • Service Videos


  • Parts Pull Sheet


What our clients say about us

  • For years, after trying numerous companies, MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ is the first to deliver a solid vehicle maintenance program for our service team.

  • I would recommend MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ to any dealership who is looking to increase productivity. We notice improvement in our team’s performance in 90 days.

  • MOC® Menu-on-Demand™ has removed a lot of time that was wasted on toggling screens. This has enabled us focus more on servicing our customers.